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Costumes in her blood since childhood: Julie "Bo Peep" Anderson and her sister Claudia

Costumes in her blood since childhood: Julie “Bo Peep” Anderson and her sister Claudia

Since I can remember, I have always wanted to bring joy to people. I like to hear my customers laugh when they are trying on costumes. I especially enjoy their stories when they return their costumes. For many people, just getting into the costume is a fun and wacky experience. Putting on a costume and going out in public is transformational. You think you know who you are until you see yourself in a costume. Suddenly, you are someone else…someone you secretly wanted to be. A costume transports you to another place. Ask kids. Kids love to play “make believe” and when that play is enhanced with a trip through granny’s old trunk full of clothes, the experience is even more magical.

Julie “Bo Peep” Anderson and her sister Claudia Playing “dress up” as an adult is a little more challenging. Adults are stuck in the world of “What will people think?” For example, a common fear of adults is that they will be the only one dressed in a costume at the party. Many adults are afraid they will look too silly. Well guess what, you will look silly! And if you’re wearing one of our original costumes, you will also look stunning, outrageous and wild. More importantly, you will open yourself up to new delights and experiences, and others will warm up to you, uninhibited. We specialize in adult costumes because we think that adults don’t seem to have enough of that kind of transformational fun. We’re changing that, one costume at a time.

Ok, so you really hate wearing a costume. You feel silly and maybe a little childish. We can help you with a little costume therapy. For one little experiment, wear a color that you’ve never worn before. Maybe try a new hair color, or wear some wacky sunglasses. Check out the reactions of your friends and co-workers. You may find that the whole experience is kind of exciting. I know a couple that changed their relationship when she wore a blonde wig to a party one night. They had been married a long time and the marriage had become sort of habitual. That wig created some interesting new elements in their marriage…for the better.

For a real “stretch” go in costume to a non-costume party. Or try wearing a wig sometime to meet your friends for lunch. It is a life changing and enhancing experience…and it will blow your friend’s minds. If you really want to experience the maximum change, try going in drag. If the idea of gender change seems totally out of the question, read this great article by Robert Nott at The Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper. He has some interesting insights about the ultimate costume therapy.

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