The Story of The Geek and The Goddess

Don Juan

Don Juan

One day a guy came into the Costume Salon to rent something for Halloween. He had been invited to a party and wasn’t even sure if he would attend. He was, to put it gently, a geek. When he asked if he could just wear a funny hat, we said “NO”. He was fairly taken aback, but we were so playful with him, that he warmed up to our desire to put him in a whole costume. We decided to create “Don Juan” with this goofy guy. To our surprise he went for it. (I’m sure it took all the courage he had.)

When he returned his costume after the party, he looked completely different. His shirt had lipstick and makeup on the collar. He had such a twinkle in his eye that we didn’t even charge him an extra cleaning fee. When we asked him “How was the party?”, he told us this story.

Our geek had been on very few dates and was actually sort of afraid of women. He was so shy that had he not been wearing a mask, he would have left the party shortly after he arrived. Beautiful women came up to him at the party and started flirting with him and he began to have a good time. Suddenly, from across the room, a “goddess” approached him. (We didn’t ask if that was her costume. We knew he thought she really was a goddess.) They spent the whole night dancing (which he claimed he had never done before) talking and just having a ball.

Six months later, our former geek called to rent a tailcoat for his wedding. When he came back to return the tailcoat his new wife came with him. Yep, it was the “goddess” from the costume party. And yes, she really was a goddess. You could tell they were really in love. Another costume success story, courtesy of The Costume Salon.

Now I am not going to guarantee that this will happen to you, but what do you have to lose? This formerly dorky guy was truly changed by the experience. He was willing to let go of his geeky self for just one night and try on a new persona just for fun. To step into his own version of a fairy tale, and finally get his happy ending.

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