Game of Thrones Inspired Costumes for Men

leather-tunicThe “Game of Thrones” inspired costumes for men were created to answer the question, “I wore a pirate outfit last year and loved it, what else do you have that is as fun and “rough and tumble” as a pirate costume?”

The warriors of the Medieval days had a wild and wooly life and these costumes are designed to re-enact that lifestyle. For starters, they are made from hand-dyed fabrics that resemble the hardy fabrics of the time. No silk shirts here. The chest plates of the time that were the poor man’s version of a metal suit of armor, were mostly made of heavy leathers and metals. If we made them for these costumes, they would be too heavy and cumbersome to dance in, so our version of the chest plates uses strips of leather sewn to these rough looking long vests over the chest. Then we embellished some big belts with metal attachments. The belts also provide a place to hang a sword. And speaking of broad swords… we have some great looking plastic ones and some smaller swords and daggers that allow the Knight of the Realm to sit or dance with ease. Over the last few years, public places and night clubs have banned metal weapons, so we only rent our real metal swords for photo shoots. If you want the biggest and the best swords, we have them in plastic, but no one will know and you won’t have to spend a day at the gym building enough arm strength to swing them.

Helmets of the time were metal and very heavy. We used a full metal helmet as our model for a comfortable and lightweight helmet made out of a robust leather. You can wear it in comfort (we padded the inside) and our gnarly helmets look very knightly.


All the other accessories such as belts, gauntlet gloves or arm cuffs, medallions, capes and cowls are included in these rough and masculine costumes that have great attention to detail and are some of the most comfortable costumes in the Costume Salon collection. Kings and other royalty are also on the list of Game of Thrones type men’s costumes and include cloaks, capes and tunics as well as some fabulous belts and elaborate crowns. We have numerous crowns in many styles all made by hand using real metals, stones, chains and velvet linings. These elaborate metal crowns are robust but also comfortable.

So, we are delighted to present these new Game of Thrones inspired costumes for rent and hope you will be inspired to get carried away with the Medieval theme. It’s our passion to help you spend a night really looking like and feeling like someone from another century.

leather-hoods brown-tunic

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