Game of Thrones Inspired Costumes

Game of Thrones Inspired Gown

Game of Thrones Inspired Gown

Halloween always requires some new inspired costumes and this year the inspiration game from “Game of Thrones”. I love long gowns of the women of that period and the unique accessories like crowns and metal belts. (See the slideshows below.) I added some great colors in my collection of long velour gowns and each gown has its own underskirt which adds some nice volume to the hemline. It also means some extra weight which always adds to the “feel” of the costume. I built and embellished my metal circlets and crowns and added super long hair wigs to my collection.

All the gowns can be worn simply with hip belts or with overlays or “aprons” of contrasting colors and one or more belts. Each costume comes complete with all the accessories of the Medieval period as well as a few that were inspired by the Game of Thrones and may not be exactly “correct” to the Medieval era. There are long necklaces with medallions that I’ve been collecting for years. And since we all loved “The Lord of the Rings”, there are some costumes that have the flavor of that more fantastical version of the period. So here are some inspired and influenced Medieval women’s costumes which includes all the unique parts and accessories.

One great benefit is the fit. Each gown will fit several sizes and the belts and overlays can mix and match as well. So, comfort freaks, these are your costumes!


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