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Our Mission

We believe in the transformational power of a fabulous costume. In helping you look amazing, we hope to help you dust off your sense of fun and whimsy, empowering you to truly enjoy your life.

Why the Costume Salon?

about_dragonRemember those old 1940’s movies where the leading lady went to buy a new gown or hat? She would walk into a chic little store where the owner of the store would escort her to an elegant sofa and serve her tea. The owner would inquire as to what type of gown the lady wished and moments later, a couple of beautiful models would appear wearing the perfect dress.

Each piece is carefully selected and displayed for the lady. She does not have to fight with hangers jammed on a rack. No frustration, no confusion. Unlike most shopping experiences we all have today, the ladies of those grand old movies were treated to an elegant shopping experience. Attentive sales people expressed genuine interest in their preferences, and conducted themselves with style and grace. Each garment chosen for them was special.

Those little couture shops were called salons and individualized service was the rule, not the exception. Good service is practically unheard of today, and attention to the needs of each customer is almost non-existent.

At Costume Salon, each recognize that customer is unique. We believe shopping or renting online should be a pleasant, fun experience where you feel pampered and special. We take as much care with the details as if you were standing in our workshop. And we don’t disappear once your rental costume is shipped.

When you try on your costume and look in the mirror, you will see magic. We love what we do and we have a great deal of fun. Reliable and impeccable service is primary. Welcome to Costume Salon.

About Julie Anderson

iconladyAward winning costume designer and builder, Julie Anderson, has been designing costumes professionally for fifteen years. Her work has appeared in films such as Lucky Luke, and films for children, The Ugly Duckling and Handrew’s Library. Anderson designed and built costumes for music videos for Hank Williams, Jr., Pam Tillis and many others. Anderson’s costumes have also appeared in television programs, such as Lazarus Man. She has designed and built costumes for dozens of theatrical and dance productions, including The Nutcracker Suite, Queen Elizabeth I, Tom Jones, The Tempest and A Christmas Carol. Recent productions include King’s Yellow in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and two productions in Branson, Missouri: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Celebrate America!

Prior to her work as a costume designer, Anderson worked as a fine art photographer and in other mediums for 20 years. She has appeared on national talk shows and has had dozens of articles written about her by major newspapers and magazines.

Anderson’s mission is to help people remember how to have fun and tap in to a sense of whimsy and wildness. She has designed and taught workshops in mask-making, costume-building, costume transformation and giant puppet head construction, to name a few. She is a regular Artist-in-Residence at the Summer Solstice festival in Santa Barbara, and frequently lends her talents to local and national “good works” and charities.

Anderson’s unique vision can be viewed at costumesalon.com, where her collection of couture, one-of-a-kind costumes are available for rent. Costumesalon.com also features stunning masks and other unique gifts for sale. Well known for exceptional, personal service, costumesalon.com has been the definitive site for Internet costume rental for the past five years. All rentals and sales can be shipped nationwide and internationally.

Artist’s Statement

Julie practiced costuming her sisters Cynthia and Andrea

Julie practiced costuming her sisters Cynthia and Andrea

My sister Claudia reminded me with these photos, that from a very young age, I loved to dress people in costumes. I dreamed of being a fairy godmother that grants Cinderella her fondest sartorial wish.

It’s not just putting people in costumes that I enjoy, but designing and building the costumes as well. I really like joining opulent fabrics and trims to create fantasy. I especially like it when I find those fabrics and trims at insanely reduced prices at a garage sale. Some of the most elaborate and outrageous goodies came to me in this way. My business is built on recycling fabulous opulence. Remember when Scarlet tore down her velvet draperies to make an evening gown in Gone With the Wind? Now, that’s recycling!

I also like to enhance and re-create historical themes to be more comfortable, functional and beautiful. I use research materials as a jumping off place and then go wild. When I was in school I hated reading history. Once I became a costume designer and started pouring through books to find pictures of people in costumes, I began to love history. Now I enjoy reading biographies and history books. I learn about history through costumes. I can look at a shoe and tell you who was ruling England when that shoe was worn.

Since I am also a photographer, my work can take the very close scrutiny of the camera. Every detail is important. Beadwork and hand-made trims adorn everything. You could call me an “extreme” designer — always pushing the edge of historical silhouette. All of the opulence and detailing that you see on my work is essential to the creation. We don’t even use the word “plain” here at the costumesalon.com. However, everything must be wearable and durable and in most cases comfortable.

In this very virtual world of TV, movies, the Internet, and video games, costuming is a non-virtual experience. The costume is real and you become the character just by wearing it. With the Internet I can share my fantasy costumes with the whole world. The joy and fun of this transformation experience is now available to you through the Internet. Wearing one of my costumes is the ultimate “make-believe”. If you have never tried it before, you are in for a really exciting surprise.

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