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Game of Thrones Inspired Costumes for Men

The warriors of the Medieval days had a wild and wooly life and these costumes are designed to re-enact that lifestyle. For starters, they are made from hand-dyed fabrics that resemble the hardy fabrics of the time. No silk shirts here!

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Game of Thrones Inspired Costumes

Halloween always requires some new inspired costumes and this year the inspiration game from “Game of Thrones”. I love long gowns of the women of that period and the unique accessories like crowns and metal belts…

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Renting Vintage Bridal Gowns for Weddings

Bridal gowns for unique weddings are one of our favorite things to rent. Yes, we do rent bridal wear for women and men and because they are rentals, the savings are huge. Most of our gowns are hand dyed or embellished. Some of the gowns have been hand dyed to make them more unique and […]

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Steampunk Bridal Look for Men

This is the Steampunk Bridal look for men. The groom would wear a hand-painted and steampunk embellished tail coat with black tux pants, white shirt and ascot. Accessories would include white gloves, pocket watch and boutonniere. The groom would also need a top hat which could also be embellished with “steampunk junk”. We make hats […]

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1920’s Hats and Headpieces

This slideshow features a selection of our hats and headpieces in the 1920’s style.

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What to Wear to a Great Gatsby Themed Party

Roaring 20’s costumes for women With the Great Gatsby movie in theaters, lots of roaring 20’s costume parties are on the horizon. The movie has some very decadent party scenes with fabulous costumes. If you are thinking of wearing costumes from that era, the range is quite extensive from slinky long gowns to short little […]

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The Transformational Power of Costumes

The act of wearing an actual costume (a pirate, Cleopatra, a gorilla, Queen Elizabeth) gives us a chance to see ourselves in a different light. If we look at ourselves as some completely different person, animal or fantasy being, something changes….a shift occurs and beliefs about ourselves can change.

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Hello everyone!

Thank you for visiting our brand new website. All of our original costumes and costume ideas are still here, but we’ve also added a bunch of new photos and a blog. If you’re fanatical about costumes like we are,  contact us so we can add you to our mailing list. In the meantime, here’s a […]

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The Story of The Geek and The Goddess

One day a guy came into the Costume Salon to rent something for Halloween. He had been invited to a party and wasn’t even sure if he would attend. He was, to put it gently, a geek. When he asked if he could just wear a funny hat, we said “NO”. He was fairly taken […]

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Play Dress Up!

Since I can remember, I have always wanted to bring joy to people. I like to hear my customers laugh when they are trying on costumes. I especially enjoy their stories when they return their costumes. For many people, just getting into the costume is a fun and wacky experience. Putting on a costume and […]

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