Mardi Gras Party Central

Trace this time of revelry back to the Roman celebrations of spring, and you’ve got one ancient party! Some believe with the arrival of Christianity, the celebrations were incorporated into pre-Lenten activities. Of course the French have been celebrating Mardi Gras since the Middle Ages, and brought the festivities to America in 1699. The masked balls and “street masking’ began in New Orleans around 1710, and the parades started in 1837.

When is Mardi Gras This Year?

2013: February 12 // 2014: March 4 // 2015: February 17 // 2016: February 9

Anything goes at Mardi Gras, and that means any costume goes. Step out of the box and wear something truly fabulous, a gorgeous, opulent costume from Costume Salon. Feel confident wearing any time period or fantasy costume at Mardi Gras, but if you would like to go back to the French, check out the most beautiful French Baroque costumes in the world!

If you’re really lucky, you’ll have the chance to attend Venetian Carnivale in Venice or Rio Carnivale in Rio de Janero. In Venice, costumes are essential, and you need a great mask as well. Check out our Venetian Masks, French Baroque and Renaissance costumes – a must for Venice. For a “Silk Road” theme you might be perfect in something from our Mideast and Fareast category. In Rio, you’ll see more headdresses, less costumes and even some body painting! For a Rio Carnivale-type costume, check out Caribbean Carnivale costumes.

Remember, all is forgiven the day after Mardi Gras – so why not go completely over the top and wear one of our Party Bras? A truly unique costume, Party Bras are sure to get you those coveted beads, and you won’t have to take your top off to do it! Wear with jeans, shorts, a couture skirt – whatever you like. You can even wear them OVER your T-shirt!

If you’re uncomfortable wearing a full costume, purchase a one-of-a-kind mask, hand-made in the Costume Salon workshop. Perfect for parades, Masquerade Balls or for wowing friends at your next party.

Just a few of our 100’s of masks and headpieces:

Turquoise and White Headpiece with Mask
Price: With Costume: 45.00
Price: Without Costume: 75.00
Security Deposit: 400.00
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Purple and Black Headpiece with Mask
Price: With Costume: 35.00
Price: Without Costume: 35.00
Security Deposit: 350.00
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Maroon and Black Headpiece with Mask
Price: With Costume: 30.00
Price: Without Costume: 40.00
Security Deposit: 250.00
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Big Heads for Rent

Chinese Dragon Head
Rental: 225
Security Deposit: 800
Does Not Include Shipping and Crating
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Devil Head
Security Deposit: 800
Costume Not Included (Just Head)
Does Not Include Shipping and Crating
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You can even custom order your own big head or mascot. Call us for details. (505) 989-7125