1920’s Hats and Headpieces

This slideshow features a selection of our hats and headpieces in the 1920’s style.

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What to Wear to a Great Gatsby Themed Party

Roaring 20’s costumes for women With the Great Gatsby movie in theaters, lots of roaring 20’s costume parties are on the horizon. The movie has some very decadent party scenes with fabulous costumes. If you are thinking of wearing costumes from that era, the range is quite extensive from slinky long gowns to short little […]

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The Transformational Power of Costumes

The act of wearing an actual costume (a pirate, Cleopatra, a gorilla, Queen Elizabeth) gives us a chance to see ourselves in a different light. If we look at ourselves as some completely different person, animal or fantasy being, something changes….a shift occurs and beliefs about ourselves can change.

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Hello everyone!

Thank you for visiting our brand new website. All of our original costumes and costume ideas are still here, but we’ve also added a bunch of new photos and a blog. If you’re fanatical about costumes like we are,  contact us so we can add you to our mailing list. In the meantime, here’s a […]

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