Rental Agreement

Please view the Rental Agreement here.

Sample Rental Agreement

We will fill out the Rental Agreement with all the details of your costume and your address information as we discussed it over the phone. Then we will email the filled out Rental Agreement form to you as a pdf file attached to an email with instructions. Once you have read the Rental Agreement and agree to the terms, you simply include the “agreement sentence” that we emailed to you and then send the email back to us. If you prefer you can copy the rental agreement, sign it (on the “signature” line) scan it and then send the signed copy back as a pdf file. Either way is fine..

Important Tips About Reserving a Costume

During October (Halloween season), place your costume order early – the sooner the better. Many of the costumes go very fast in late September and early October. Once we have determined that the costume is available, you will want to reserve it immediately.

The reservation fee is equal to one-half of the full rental price (not including shipping) . It is due at the time of reservation. That costume will be held for you and will be shipped to you in time for your use. The reservation fee is not refundable. Just like theater or sports tickets, where your seats are held for you — your costume is held for you. The reservation fee and rental amount may be charged on your credit card or you can send us a check or money order.

When it is time to ship your costume to you, we will then charge your card for the balance of the rental amount plus the shipping costs. We also charge your card for the Security Deposit as an “authorization only”. Once the costume is shipped there are no refunds of any kind.

How the Security Deposit Works

We ensure your security deposit by placing an “authorization only” charge on your credit card to insure that the costume comes back to us in good condition and on time. (This is the same process hotels use to pre-authorize security deposits for their rooms.) The amount of the security deposit varies with each costume, and is found with the costume description.

The security deposit is charged as an “authorization only” on your MasterCard or Visa. An “auth only” does not actually take money out of your account, it just tells us that it is available. If you need to know more about “auth only” please call your credit card company directly and they will tell you all the details. When you return the costume complete the “auth only” is canceled and it does not show up on your bill.

Any damage, loss or late fees are charged separately as a “purchase”, not a rental.

We tend to be lenient with “wear”. We do charge for rips and tears. We charge for extra dirty and we really charge for “stinky”. WE REQUIRE YOU TO WEAR A DEODORANT AND ANTIPERSPIRANT WHILE WEARING OUR COSTUMES. We also ask that you don’t wear “too much” fragrance. Some people are sensitive to fragrances and they don’t seem to come out with dry cleaning.

If an item from the costume is lost, we try to give you a little time to find it but only if you call us immediately. We tend to be more “forgiving” with people who call us the next morning with the truth rather than those who think that we aren’t going to notice. We notice everything.