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Christmas Thumbnails
Marie and Louis Christmas Style                     

Louis Christmas Style Costume Details

  • Long white brocade robe with fur trim
  • Napoleon hat in red fur with feathers over white wig
  • Lace jabot and wrist covers
  • Jewel at neck and rings
  • Red satin breeches
  • Leather belt
  • Buckle and lace shoes and stockings


  • Sized for a large man (44-52)


  • Rental Price: $350.00
  • Security Deposit: $1800.00

Marie Christmas Style Costume Details

  • Red lace gown with tapestry panniers
  • Medium length pearl necklaces and rings
  • Hoop and petticoats
  • Large wig with lighted birdcage and bird
  • Evening shoes with bows
  • Jewelry galore!


  • Sized for a small woman (4-6)


  • Rental Price: $300.00
  • Security Deposit: $1200.00

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