Everything went great. We had a fabulous time and the costumes were awesome. We got tons of compliments. Folks especially loved my husbandís violin case and my hat. It was a tremendous success and the event raised over $120,000 for our kids school.       

Dear Julie,

I couldn't be happier with the Baroque Costume that you made for my daughter. The materials and the workmanship were incredible but the most valuable part to me was your knowledge and helpfulness. You put together an absolutely stunning costume on very short notice, and for a very reasonable price. I'll be sure to call you first for any of my future costume needs.Thank you so much.

Best regards,
Shawna Moffitt

Dear Julie ~

I wish to express to you my gratitude for the following:

Fine quality costumes - your attention to details, to glamour, to texture and design is superb!

Your dedication to your clients - I lacked nothing in my ensemble - rings, shoes, choice of wigs, make-up - you thought of everything.

Your willingness to help my husband displays excellence in your field and compassion towards clients.

Lastly, making this woman's heart desire come true - to be surrounded by heart friends enjoying each other's company, and each other's costumes. I felt truly beautiful and blessed.

Thank you Julie for making the evening one I'll always remember. 'Til next time,

Janiece Robinson


I wanted to thank you for all of your efforts to put together the Musketeer costume- It was the best costume I have ever had! We went to a very exclusive party with over 75 couples, and my wife and I won best costume!

The Musketeer costume was a big hit...(I almost blew it- the sword I had ordered did not arrive in time- so I had to use a plastic sword with the costume...!) I look forward to working with you and your staff again to design a costume to fit our needs. My wife and I are already planning for the next holiday season.

Please thank your staff for me- you made our Halloween a holiday we will never forget.


Jeff Recor

Hi Julie,

Thanks so much for the amazing pirate costume and my goddess accessories -- Kevin and I had a ball on Saturday night. We would like to keep the costumes thru Halloween so that we can escort our daughter in style that evening. I can't wait for the next costuming opportunity now!

(Later that week...)

Thanks so much for all your help and beautiful costumes. We had a ball for the costume party and Kevin was the toast of Georgetown on Halloween evening...

Best wishes,

~Amelia Spruill

Hi Anjanette,

I had the best time ever! I can't tell you how many people didn't know it was me underneath! I'd talk and friends would hear my voice and get this confused look on their faces. If I didn't tell people what I was going as, I surely would have gone unknown for most of the evening. I did get quite a bit of attention--a lot of men were looking at my chest. I'd notice they were staring so I'd say politely, "What are you looking at?" I have the perfect attitude to pull that off without offending or embarrassing anyone. It was great!

My friend Noah rented the Egyptian King costume. He also loved it! I guess people kept lifting up his tunic to see if a King wears anything beneath his tunic! How funny!
Thanks again for everything!!

Julie Johnson


Thank you so much for helping make EDFundD's "Employee Day" a success. The costumes were fabulous! Thank you again,

The EDFunD "Executive Family"

Julie -

Everything went perfectly! Thank you so much for your huge role in helping me pull it off! The costume was Janiece's dream-come-true.

Thanks for your enthusiasm and your attention to every detail. It was a blast doing business with you -

Ross Robinson

Dear Julie,

Thank you for your most beautiful costumes. They spoke for themselves and were the hit of New York. Justin and I won "best couple," and Deborah won "most creative," and Meg won a "special" award. We had so much fun!

Thanks for everything!

Love and Light,
Debbie & Justin


We had the official "Opening of the Mouth" ceremony tonight for your two masks, and Adaire LOVED them! She had been particularly interested in the Sultana mask and was amazed that I was paying attention (We men get SO much credit for the times we actually pay attention to anything except pickup ads)

You talked about wearability, but I must not have registered that in a useful place, because I was shocked, Shocked by how light the masks were! (The Sultana even fit over my glasses!) I'm used to "tribal" masks that weigh 500 lbs and are held in the teeth or something. We've got a Dogon mask that's 15' tall. The dancers swing it 360 degrees with the top 6" off the ground. They have the necks and shoulders of bulls, it goes without saying.

I've never forgiven Martin Luther for dragging us out of Carnival. And we must be doing something wrong personally, because we're in a crowd that NEVER has masquerades or costume parties. (That's not completely true. In the mid nineties, a friend had costume party, and since she was reasonably political and wanted scary, I came as Joe McCarthy. Policy Wonks should NOT be allowed near costume parties!)

So now, we'll have to throw a masquerade! I once thought of taking full front face photos of all the people I'd invite to a masked ball -- then blowing up the faces, putting them on sticks and putting all those familiar face masks on the table. When people came, they'd have to chose a mask -- as long as it wasn't their own face. (Can you tell we have several therapists in our circle?) But everybody I told about it got the shivers just thinking of it.

So -- you've pleased the most important person in my life, and I thank you! She loves your craftsmanship, your vision and your artistry. So do I, as much as I like pleasing her! You're amazing!

Mange Tusen Takk (Many Thousand Thanks) as they say in Norway!

~John Louis Anderson

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